Irregular Bomb

Robert Stadler

H 96
H 37.8
L 306
L 120.6
W 166
W 65.4

About The Piece

A fragmented installation that ploughs the same furrow as Pools and pouf! (2004). Tephra suggests an ash-coloured telluric landscape; the ensemble is inspired by nature and more precisely by vulcanology. The bombs mentioned in the titles of the pieces refer, not to offensive weapons, but to the viscous matter ejected by a volcano that hits land forming random shapes. Taking his inspiration from these natural ejections, Robert Stadler proposed a complex set-up, he designed a sort of functional island entitled Irregular bomb that fulfils varioussitting needs that are, paradoxically, very carefully designed and ergonomic combining sofa, chaise longue and rug. This playground produces a new attitude, spacesharing, a cohabitation of desires. The other ejected residues that form the coffee table Trapezoid bomb, the armchair Spherical bomb, the stool Triangular bomb and the little sofa Drop bomb confirm the illusion that the will of the designer bowed down to the imperious energy of nature as the shapes seem to be born of chaos and the unexpected. Whether it be regarded as an “installation” or as “furniture”, the piece renews the notion of use and throws down the gauntlet to the strict Janseism of the moderns.

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