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Audience is a singular piece in movement, not a mobile shifting in the wind as Calder envisaged, nor is it a Tinguely machine that exacerbates the strengths of the machine, it is more of a Takis sculpture linked to electromagnetic energy. Random International designed Audience according to the principle of linked the spectator to technology. « The fundamental driving force of the studio is to make technology as tangible as possible, in particular today as it now surrounds us on an everyday basis. Our job is to explore the different ways in which human beings interact with technology and the emotional reaction people have when an inanimate object answers them back. From our perspective, the function inverts the roles, people become performers. » The concept that presides this moving piece combines technology and alteration, the object suddenly frees itself, animated by its own life force, liberated from its technical fabric, it manifests a unique character and personality. It is not a robot neither is it a « big brother », Audience proposes a relationship with others, it reacts to the presence of people. « This is a work of art that chooses the spectators and watches them. » The encounter is truly subjective; do objects really have a soul? « We question the encounter between the onlooker and the piece, this is a truly contemporary preoccupation, we are living in a time of virtual connections, it is through experience that the eternal questions as to our existence, preservation and behaviour are posed. »


Once visitors enter the perimeter of Audience, the mass of mirrors select an individual and turn to face them in an inquisitive, synchronised movement. The chosen member of the audience sees their reflection in every mirror ; the subject of the installation and their own gaze. Other viewers may find themselves performing to capture the attention of Audience, reversing the roles of viewer and viewed.

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