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Innerblow Table 05



H 30
H 11.8
L 50
L 19.7
W 50
W 19.7

About The Piece

Innerblow works on a unique skill: glass blowing. The matter obtained when fire transforms sand, borax, lime and caustic soda would be insignificant if it didn’t then undergo the remarkable technique of glassblowing. The craftsman confers nobility on the material, a transparency that fascinates Nendo. He outlines an unexpected field of exploration and appropriates the process of glass blown on the end of a metal pipe with incomparable skill by the glass blowers at the Lasvit workshop. He invites the material to fit snugly into a frame which is actually the top of an upside-down table. The liquid glass arbitrarily follows the formal definition of the project. In his own way, Nendo takes inspiration from the empirical operation of cooking, marking the edges of a bread tin with the edges of the table. The mould, an essential part of the industrial process is symbolically explored by Nendo, just like Gaetano Pesce in the sixties, he combines mass production and craftsmanship making each piece a unique object (the gesture), this heady quest is produced in five versions. One of the table tops is the result of an experiment where a number of glassblowers were obliged to use the same mould. This collective effort harks back to the practices of the medieval guilds and debunks the myth of the solitary craftsman.

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