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Infrastructure Coffee Table

Atelier Van Lieshout


H 52
H 20.488
L 175
L 68.95
W 82
W 32.308

About The Piece

Infrastructure Coffee Table, continues the Slave City theme that Joep Van Lieshout has created as his version of a utopian world as well as a vision of the future. By creating this metropolis with the pipe-work crafted in wrought iron, it creates “a place where you can design every building, every system – even life itself.”At first glance, its knot of interwoven pipes appears to be computer generated, but this is precisely the aesthetic practice that van Lieshout aims to critique. “Design has become a distant process. I want to turn that around so that the design, the production and the factory is all in the one place... A lot of sweat went into that table.”In its entirety, the labyrinth of steel is the aerial view of the entire plan AVL has designed for Slave City, as a city that is wholly self sufficient in terms of nutrition, energy, and water, produced by the inhabitants through their labour and leisure. Reflecting a satirical take on the constant contemporary attention for eco-friendly environments and a solution to overpopulation, with Slave City, productive human slavery is envisioned as an efficient form of human recycling.

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