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Le Quotidien de l’Art – Nos expos coup de cœur

L’Atelier Van Lieshout face à Mantegna, Maarten Baas en dialogue avec Van Eyck, Stuart Haygarth confronté au Bernin ? La…

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Aesthetica – 10 to See: Venice Biennale

A desire to rethink the boundaries between art and design defines Dysfunctional, an exhibition revelling in the power of artistic…

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Elephant – Elephant’s Guide to Venice Exhibitions Beyond the Biennale

While the Venice Biennale itself brings a flurry of activity to the floating city, there are countless collateral exhibitions and…

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Archinect – There’s something Dysfunctional at the Venice Biennale

The Venice Art Biennale is regarded as the most significant art exhibitions in the world. With artists and designers from…

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Bustler – Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents DYSFUNCTIONAL, an immersive exhibition at Ca’d’Oro during this year’s Venice Biennale

From May 8th – November 24th Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents the immersive exhibition DYSFUNCTIONAL. Using the Ca’d’Oro’s collection of Italian…

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Champ Magazine – Carpenters Workshop Gallery Give Design Its Due During The Venice Art Biennale

The wavering border between art and design has always existed, but the two creative expressions are more similar than they…

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