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Static Bubbles


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

21 January - 3 March 2012

About the Exhibition

Bearable lightness and other thoughts on nendo on the occasion of ‘Static Bubbles’, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, January 2012.

This year, Tokyo-based design firm nendo is celebrating its tenth anniversary by doing what nendo does best: quietly but surely going about their work. This may not sound like a way to mark a successful decade, but the fruits of nendo’s labour were anything but ordinary. For nendo, simply ‘getting things done’ means a bevy of significant exhibitions this year and last, including a retrospective at flagship Tokyo design space Axis Gallery, museum acquisitions (the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago), new products for Milan, a major Canadian museum exhibition design and interiors in Japan, China, Italy and the UK. All of these are testing the firm’s distinctive sensibility in new areas, against new constraints.

In other words, nendo is doing something exciting, and the world is taking note. But would you know this from founder Sato Oki and team’s quiet demeanour, or from the deceptive simplicity of their work ? Perhaps not, but again, that is entirely the point. It is this combination of thoughtfulness and caprice, hidden within minimalism of form and an unusual attention to process and detail, that make nendo what they are, and that characterizes the new work shown here at Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

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