Wonmin Park

Plain Cuts


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

12 October - 23 December 2017

About the Exhibition

This October Wonmin Park will be exhibiting two solo shows from his new collection ‘Plain Cuts’. The first show will be taking place at PAD London from October 3rd – 8th and the other in Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris from October 12th – December 23rd.

Observing the world around him, Park has a contemporary design that finds its roots in the Korean tradition and philosophy. A very contemplative attitude, which he confirms in his new collection: ‘Plain cuts’. The new work is about the geometry of construction, an abstract concept, virtual lines produce the volume. This research inspires the connection of Wonmin Park with the world of architecture. ‘Plain cuts’ underlines once more his skills, in producing poetical works of art. He provokes an idea of vacuity with the materiality of things even the metal.

“My collection ‘Plain Cuts’ is constructed from cut aluminum sheets. I created minimalistic forms. Simple forms are more difficult to create because you need to remove everything that is not necessary but still make it interesting. For me, there is an importance in symmetry, proportions, and color. I’m always inspired by the material as well. I like resin because of its color, transparency, and texture but it is not strong. Metal is a different story. Aluminum has its own beautiful colors. I found that the patina technique can change the color of aluminum. It is lasting,” – Wonmin Park.

Wonmin Park has various cultural influences, first from Korea where he was born, the Netherlands where he studied at the Eindhoven Academy, and from France where he established his own studio in 2012. His amazing research on the resin process, called ‘Haze’ has been granted and honored in important exhibitions, in Miami, Dubai, and Paris.

His expression is connected to the minimalist movement in painting and sculpture; in a radical way, he uses light and color in evanescent projects, giving the impression that his pieces have no limits. His determination to produce emptiness and eternity, might be the answer to the overproduction of designed objects.

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