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Vincent Dubourg

Dans L’atelier


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

13 September - 20 December 2014

About the Exhibition

From September 13th to December 20th 2014, Carpenters Workshop Gallery will present a solo show by Vincent Dubourg in its Parisian space in Le Marais. Vincent Dubourg’s new artworks will be reunited for the occasion and shown in a scenography which will recreate the artist’s workshop in La Creuse.

In the wonderful and preserved surroundings of La Creuse, Vincent Dubourg chose a land of freedom. Far away from the pressure of space and time, he opens up on contact with the material, in a workshop which he conceived and where he developed a personal practice that restores the dialogue between sculpture and design. A unique construction, that the young founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery wanted to promote beyond our frontiers.

Nature inspires him, he tries to seize the energy throught a sophisticated composition of the whole and empty. He metamorphoses most familiar items into art pieces, giving them an immaterial dimension, an added soul. Trained in exact metal work technics, passionate observer of cabinetmaking, Vincent Dubourg establishes a dialogue between the two. The paradoxical deconstruction of his art pieces, translates the methodical meaning of his art of building.

The reconstruction of his workshop allows us to discover the melting pot where the creative fire of Vincent Dubourg is developed, an elusive alchemy. The artworks which are present testify the reality of his talent and his relevant singularity.

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