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Maarten Baas

Close Parity


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

18 January - 23 March 2018

About the Exhibition

Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Paris will present Close Parity, the latest collection from Dutch designer Maarten Baas, from January 18 to March 23, 2018. With this collection, Maarten Baas once again questions the essence and origin of design. First shown during the 2016 Dutch Design Week, Close Parity is one of several projects that Baas presented as part of his first major solo exhibition, Hide & Seek, last year at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands.

At its core are five unusually shaped cabinets executed in brass plates and kept in balance by counterweights that offer a strange new version of reality. Baas transformed a naïve sketch into a three-dimensional object where fluid lines form the almost involuntary shape of a cabinet, as if drawn on the wall. The laws of physics and construction don’t seem to apply in Baas’ new series and each piece is a direct extrusion of his childlike sketch where gravity doesn’t play a role. Some cabinets stand on just two legs and custom-made, hidden hinges and drawer systems provide the structural stability needed to function.

This new collection is an evolution of his signature aesthetic. Like in his earlier series, Clay Chairs (2006), with its spindly legs, Close Parity continues to demonstrate Baas’ mix of playful simplicity with complex craftsmanship, while the use of material and the cabinets’ finish remind one of Carapace and the Grandfather Clocks. For Maarten Baas, the hidden beauty of an object goes well beyond simple function. As a pioneer of modern art and design, Baas belongs to the generation led by Droog Design that helped shape contemporary practice and is known for its intuitive grasp of composition as well as its conceptual approach.

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