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rAndom International

Before The Rain


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

8 September - 21 December 2012

About the Exhibition

An awful lot happens without people being aware. They come to certain conclusions and even performs actions without ever really, consciously considering why. This is what forms both the impetus and the investigation of the studio’s work; we experiment. We attempt to simulate the natural by reducing the subtleties of behaviour down to the minimum required for recognition to explore our own, human, existence. / Random International, 2012.

London-based studio Random International has been creating kinetic artworks and interactive installations since 2005. In the short time since the studio’s inception, Random International has made a significant shift in focus from the object to the experience. Before The Rain chronicles this transition through the studio’s oeuvre, simultaneously exhibited to a fuller extent than ever before, alongside new works.

The acclaimed installation Audience marks an early investigation into performance, behaviour and therole of the viewer -something again explored in Study For A Mirror, Random International’s first piece for carpenters Workshop Gallery. 2010’s seminal work Swarm Light, which makes collective decision-making manifest in light, is testament to the studio’s first foray into extended behavioural research, which has since become crucial to the studio’s practice. Movement had been studied, in different ways, through oLeD work You Fade To Light, kinetic sculpture Fly and, most recently, performa- tive light.

Exploring both the passing and the perception of time through light and motion,Random International’s Study of Time has particular poignance in the context of this exhibition. Before The Rain explores the development of this unique studio and is a nod to their most significant tipping point yet, the forthcoming exhibition at Barbican curve,Rain Room.

On the occasion of FIAC’s Parcours Design, dancers from British company Wayne McGregor | Random Dance will perform in the gallery, interacting with the exhibited works by Random International on 18th October.

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