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Robert Stadler

1000 Jours


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

19 November 2011 - 7 January 2012

About the Exhibition

«In general I write a scenario for my exhibitions, the exhibition in Paris is a presentation of work I have produced over the past three years with the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, hence the title «1000 jours» (1000 days). We must not invent a concept that wasn’t there to start with; the pieces here don’t come from the same idea.»

Robert Stadler’s words are evidence of his discretion and humility. One only needs to observe the different elements presented in this exhibition to see a connecting thread: Stadler himself, an uncommon personality that, through these pieces, reveals a coherent and demanding body of work, rhythmed with his commitment in art to make the object mutate conceptually, revealing it over the course of a deep questioning.

The designer Robert Stadler has, since the start of his career, looked at furniture from an innovative, at times off-kilter perspective, favouring a re-reading of the object in its functional dimension and its presence in the universe. He imposes a vision that is clouded by a slight shift in the cursors of representation.

The fragmentation of a more or less existing typology with «Tephra», the hybridisation of art and furniture with the variations of «Monochromes», the affirmation that nature is sovereign in the series «Exercise», an admiration exercise in homage to Jean Royère, a decorator from the fifties written with «Royeroid», a poetic take on the de-structuring and re-materialisation of light with «Lightspots», the illusion of a natural geological proliferation with «Possible furniture».

The different elements compose a narrative «à la» Georges Perec. A renewed story for each object, a confirmation of its presence, of its sensorial impact, of the adventure of prolonged use by Robert Stadler.

In the Parisian gallery space that was inaugurated last September at 54 rue de la verrerie in Paris, Robert Stadler invites the renewal of the history of furniture and the marking of a history that originates in Ancient times with innovative milestones.

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