Aneta Regel

Aneta Regel
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Aneta Regel was born in 1976 in Poland and graduated from Royal College of Art in 2006 after specialising in Glass and Ceramic. Based in Stoke Newington, Aneta Regel creates her ceramics in The Chocolate Factory, a former sweets factor transformed into an artist community studio, now considered one of the major innovative, creative centres in London.

Forgoing the traditional idea of a potter, Aneta Regel considers herself a ceramic sculptor, rejecting functionality in lieu of abstraction. She finds inspiration in the natural world, in the shapes and forms that characterise natural phenomena, seeking to both capture their essence as well as convey their emotive power. In this way her works express a kind of raw delicacy, seeming to exist in the plane between the living and manufactured.


The evocative power of nature is interwoven throughout Regel’s oeuvre, the landscape of her native Poland remaining a steadfast source of inspiration despite nearly 20 years of living in London. Natural phenomena such as trees, rocks, fields and river-beds inspire her work as she transforms rock and clay into sculptural forms that seem to have evolved straight from nature. Her works mostly remain unvarnished and partially coloured, resulting in a dynamic tension between roughness and refinement as well as creating the illusion of natural textures like bark, moss and coral. For Regel, her work tells a constant story of “metamorphosis, conflict and change”.

Regel has exhibited her sculptures all over the world, especially in the United States, Belgium and Poland. She has participated in collective projects at the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery in the United Kingdon and recently took part in the British Ceramics Biennale. She has been the recipient of several prizes including the ‘Highlights English Industry Award’ in 2007.

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